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Videos - 2017

Friday, 22nd September 2017

Harvest Supper Barn Dance, Old School Hall, Almondsbury, Bristol


Dancing "The Circle Hornpipe " to the tunes: "The Road to the Isles" and "The Lochmaben Hornpipe" 


Saturday, 9th September 2017

70th Birthday Barn Dance - Community Centre, Marshfield, Gloucestershire


Dancing "The Circassian Circle" to the tunes: "The Breakdown" and "Soldier's Joy" 


Saturday, 12th August  2017

Wedding Ceilidh - Monkton Combe School, Bath, Somerset


Dancing "The Highland Welcome" to the tunes: "The Duke of Perth" and "The Peat Fire Flame" 


Saturday, 5th August  2017

Friends and Family Barn Dance, Bickley Farm, Hanham Abbots, Bristol


Dancing "The Holmfirth Square" to the tunes: "Lonesome John" and "Frosty Morning" 


Saturday, 29th July 2017

Wedding Ceilidh, Spielman Centre, Arnos Vale, Brislington, Bristol


Dancing "The Bridge of Athlone" to the tunes: "Captain White" and "The Bridge of Athlone" 


Saturday, 15th July 2017

70th Birthday Barn Dance, St. Augustine's Church Hall, Locking, Somerset

 Dancing "The Three Sheepskins" to the tunes: "The Bed Breaker" and "Sbrando" 


Saturday, 1st July 2017

Wedding Ceilidh - Priors Tithe Barn, Brockworth, Gloucester

 Dancing "The Butterfly Hornpipe" to the tunes: "Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose" and "The Keel Row" 


Saturday, 10th June 2017

Wedding Ceilidh - Porlock Village Hall, Porlock, Somerset

 Dancing "The Orcadian Strip-the-Willow" to the tunes: "A Hundred Pipers", "Major Moir of Villeveque" 

and "Major Moir of Villeveque"


Saturday, 3rd June 2017

30th Wedding Anniversary Ceilidh - Hope Community Church, Hotwells, Bristol


Dancing "The Bridge of Athlone" to the tune of the same name and "Captain White"  


Saturday, 6th May 2017

Wedding Ceilidh - Merchants Hall, Clifton, Bristol


Dancing "Four Around Four" to the tunes:  "The Rose Tree" and "Flowers of Edinburgh" 


Saturday, 17th March 2017

St. Patrick's Night Ceili - Bromham Social Centre, Bromham, Wiltshire


Dancing "Falling Masonry" to the tunes:  "News of the Victory",  "Peter's Peerie Boat" and "Off She Goes" 


Saturday, 4th March 2017

18th Birthday Ceilidh - St. Alban's Church Hall, Westbury Park, Bristol


Dancing "The Circle Hornpipe" to the tunes:  "Phil the Fluter's Ball",  "The Keel Row" 

and "Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose"


Friday, 24th February 2017

PTA Ceilidh - Clifton High School, Clifton, Bristol


Dancing "The Yarmouth Reel" to the tunes:  "Far From Home" and "Robertson's Reel" 


Wedding Ceilidh - The Elmgrove Centre, Redland, Bristol


Dancing "The Riverside Jig" to the tunes:  "Tripping Up the Stairs", "Saddle the Pony" 

and "My Darling Asleep" 


Saturday, 4th February 2017

Parish Barn Dance - Horfield Church Hall, Bristol


Dancing "The Three Sheepskins" to the tunes:  "The Bed Breaker" and "Sbrando"  


Saturday, 21st January 2017

Family Ceilidh - Old School Hall, Almondsbury, Bristol


Dancing "Galopede" to the tunes: "Astley's Ride", "Petronella" and "Galopede"  

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